And I’m not looking for golden hair
with some pretty face,
I’m mining for golden heart
and pure soul enchants.
I want to feel at least once
the whole of You next to me.
Oh, I’m such a liar,
I want to feel your beat of heart
right next to mine, day by day,
just like that time in a dance,
to stay in silence and to hear.
And for a moment,
I thought I saw love in your eyes
but I hope it was not just a trick of the light.
I’m pretty sure I felt yours wildly beat of a heart
in a gentle hug of our dance last night.
But If I’m wrong, and there is no other way
at least to commit you to this song,
and never set you free again,
and I’m not sorry to say,
but that’s how I feel now
in my loneliness,
sorrow and vain.