Just If I could make you
not to be bothered by the tattoo on my soul,
who I’m and where I come from,
since I’m a human being just like you.
I ain’t no different, bleed when hurt,
and the color of blood is same as in every man
and that color is Simply Red,
full of words of their “Sunrise” and “Stars” poems.
And I can’t promise on the end
will it hurt or be more than great,
just can and will promise
I’ll give best of me and my heart
and I want your mind to be free
not cover with clouds of an idea
how it all the way should be,
leave some room for surprise,
make some place for love to arise.
“I like you”
It’s not enough, I know
and in this moment I admit
I really don’t know what to do
but I’ll share it with you,
whatever the price will be, my Boo.
I know I should act like a man,
but right now I’m covered with fear of a boy,
more curious than brave
what will happen if I listen,
instead of my mind
to a heart for a change.
Oh, at least this time
in this very moment, all I want is You
besides, below, and above,
so close we can feel and touch,
not only with our bodies,
but that pure wish to feel our souls,
touching with their tips
until we collide in one,
explode and turn into dust,
that makes stars in the sky.
Do you trust me?