There is a melodramatic movie going on in our heads
wanting to end in chaos and tragedy
and sometimes I wish I know why we all do that.

I hear lions roar in my heart
death is lurking for a new victim,
I wonder if there is anything left to chew anyway.

As I walk through the valley of death
I don’t listen or look behind
this way is way too familiar and recognized.

The worst thing is,
that we look for a feeling inside our heads
the heart is just a mechanical clock
used to pump our boiling blood.

By licking the icebergs we try to stop the fire
and while koalas and kangaroos run away
we stay in the middle of devouring flames
and burn ourselves down to ashes.

In your search of the same tragedy over and over again
I can’t help you anymore.
My dear, just let me be, let me be
and I’ll let you be.