Finnish as many schools as you can
and get the highest degree
you’ll need a good job to pay your bills, taxes, and fee.
Get yourself a proper partner, have kids. Plenty!
World’s array needs new obedience.
Never, I say never give yourself a fucking chance to enjoy your life.

Wake up early every day and serve the greed,
listen to the news and media, forget about the music,
care about the march that’s directing your life,
forget about the dreams, they don’t fulfill You
or either fill your bank accounts.
Oh my, Shuuush! That’s a wrong thing to say.

Hate the neighbors, hate the different,
at the end hate yourself too,
you are not here for the reason,
you are here for the cause.
Social media shows it to you every minute
and reflects trough-like spam. Excrement!

Repeat this every day, eat your shitty food,
spend your time and money to get yourself
everything you see in the commercials.
You need it all. Don’t You?
Have cancer and die. In pain!
Just leave all the hopes for the better afterlife.