I’ve died inside too many times,
parts of me perish and disappear.
These deaths are caused
by hope I’ve made for myself;
“the Killer dreams!”
But guess I’ll never learn
I should disengage my dark thoughts
and just smile for what I have,
beautiful memory and unbroken fact
we spent short, but loveliest time in the city of Love.

But now I’m swearing like drunken sailor
and singing loudly a song for my lost
love for a mighty Sea;
yet with an empty bottle of cheap rum in my tired hand,
cursing my sunk vessel with a torn sail
and mad at myself for being destined
to stay in this doomed harbor
with аll the prostitute thoughts
placed in deep dark corners of my crazy head.

“No cause is lost,
if there is but one fool left
to fight for it!”
Raise your glass my sailing comrade
let us make a toast
to all lost and hidden treasures of the sea!
Yarrrrrrr! You Fool!
You got lost as a treasure itself!