Hola Aussie,

(It’s a proper thing to write a letter next to birthday gift, is it? I‘ll try my best.)

“The greatest right of the woman is to give a birth to a baby.”

But remember you will never own their soul or will. Still, it’s your duty to give and show them how to act and have values of good human being. Since the first day, you were giving parts of your body, and now you will continue to give parts of your soul, every single day. And they will never stop taking those parts from you, they will tear you apart. But give all of your Love, never stop, never be selfish. Show them the right path and proper ways. Let them understand what honesty and respect mean. Teach them how to survive in this selfish world. Make sure they become wise enough to continue in a good manner, but still let them know that they can believe in impossible things, that’s how they will create them. Let them dream, never stop or try to prevent that.

“Dreams build this world!”

I know in my heart you will be the best example for your kids and greatest mom. Love you all, give a kiss to the little princess E. and your dear N. Guard them with your life. FOREVER!!!

Happy Birthday, M.

P.S. Your husband is supposed to be jealous, he’s got a real big reason for that. Still, you are the most beautiful mom – I know.

Qizai, the only brown panda in the world.