It does not hurt loss of love,
but the lies I got in reply.
For sure I don’t regret all my tries,
but same pain received every time,
and I want you to never,
live through something like that
from a person, sharing with you,
the whole circle of life acts.

Eventually, I will stand up,
time will heal me up,
someone will cherish just the way I am,
pure, gentle and fair.
And you my Love
now bloom in your vain,
with others, calling your man.

Nevertheless, thank you for all,
smiles, touches, and dances,
moments I felt highest about myself.
And at end, I hope you will find,
what were you looking all along,
hope you will be a better person
with another one.

Thank you for another lesson in life,
of humans and their lack of honesty.
My stupidity to believe,
giving my heart for free
and for that, disrespect that I’ve received.
Thank you for remembering me,
that only time will bring me enlightenment,
to a place without pain and torment.