Really, I don’t deserve this.
It’s better being empty and hollow
rather than dead, every time You go away.
More pleasant to shiver alone,
then in your wrong hugs with false love.

I know your life’s been hard for You,
but shallow and coward ways you choose,
make you even harder to be understood.
You just lie on tracks of life
and wait for the weight of train to arrive.

I’ve been reaching my hands
to you so many times,
I’ve broken my bones, destroyed all walls,
and just could not help you with your recovery.

You say you will stay home and cry,
but I know it’s another lie,
now I don’t want any answers,
just can’t listen any longer,
this is being a war instead of love.

Now stand up, fight or lose,
ways you already choose,
because I can’t and I won’t help anymore.
I’ve died so many times,
and feel better alone and cold in summer,
then die partly every time you walk away
because of another man.

I’ll swing my middle finger to this way of life,
spread my wings and fly,
to better life arriving,
and a new smile coming
For sure I know and feel,
better times are waiting for me again.