Sky shepherd lost control, stars started to fall.
I saw boiling rocks and freezing roses.
Just lost my breath baby, when you left again.
Drowning fishes, flying elephants,
climbing birds, singing monkeys,
all told me lies.
I could not see trouble in disguise,
true marbles of love instead of my eyes.
You seemed so real,
even got me think we were like one,
meant for each other from above.
But chasing ghosts so long, let me know
the only fool drowns in dreams of inner wells.
Now marbles turned to shards,
I am left blind in the dark.
Now I know just crazy heart of mine, believed
You were a specter in my eye.
People that I used to know, turned back on me.
Since I am a loser in this game, got no one to blame.
It’s just my sonic way of paying dues,
to anyone along that came.
At the end, I wonder, what was the truth.
Since now I got nothing but the blue, blue blues.
The show has gone bad, a crowd has left the hall.
Now standing here alone, just have to let it go.
Guess so.